Aug 31

A rather new phenomenon to area rug development is the leather shag rug.

These are not what you think when you hear leather. They are not tanned animal hides, cow hide or sheepskin but a tied or woven item in the shag style.

A spaghetti leather shag rug is made of long, delicate strands of very soft leather or suede.

The most subtle, delicate and unique of all is the fine spaghetti shag rug made from Italian or Spanish calf or kid leather. These are shag rugs that employ slender strips of leather, like spaghetti, which are then hand tufted into a cotton backing. They are plush thick rugs, very different from the flat weave leather rugs that look like car seat protectors. They are fluffy not smooth. The great thing about these rugs is that they bring that wonderful leather smell to any room, even if they are a bizarre or none traditional color. They come in everything from tan or brown to neon bright funky modern pinks and purples.

Not Cheap Shag Rugs

Real leather area rugs are not cheap. Like all true leather home furnishings, be it a sofa a chair or a footstool, if made from leather they will cost a pretty penny. For a medium sized design expect to pay anywhere from $250 to more than $400. You may be able to find a small handmade rug that super soft suede for about $60, but it will be very small. Most can be spot cleaned with warm water and mild soap but otherwise, as with all leather products, they will require professional rug cleaning from time to time.

One 8 foot round leather Spaghetti shag rug in a rich brown color, which has been hand tied and has a leather and cotton blend, ultra soft and cozy is a great value for just under $220.

Leather Area Rugs and International Shipping

If you are hoping to order a leather shag rug from an online distributor, please be aware that many leather products cannot be shipped internationally. It is best to find an online rug merchant who is in your own country if possible and has already gone through the leather import process on your behalf.

Leather Shag Rugs and Fire Resistance

The other thing to be careful about is that some leather rugs are not fire resistant and may not be a good idea to have near the fireplace or in the kitchen. Please check the label for fire retarding protection before selecting a leather area rug or any kind of shag rug, be it a wool shag rug, a cotton shag rug, or a leather shag rug, especially if it is to be a kids rug or will be anywhere near a radiator, water heater, stove or open fire.

Leather Shag Color Variations

Another thing to be careful with when buying a leather area rug is the color. What you see on your screen (when shopping online) may not be exactly what you receive in the mail. Exact color matching is almost impossible. There are two ways to help: Order a swatch first. Visit a carpet retailer in your area and see the colors and then order online for better prices. However, even when you buy leather rugs in a shop you will note that no two leather products will take to the dye in the exact same way.

So, if you need two identical area rugs, buy them at the same time and from the same merchant. Even then there is no guarantee. Color variants in leather are not just a little different, but can be very noticeable. That however is part of the charm of natural shag rugs as a whole, they are natural and hand made and will not be manufactured mimicked copies of each other.

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